Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Max who was very curious and bright. He loved exploring the world around him and always learning new things. One day, Max decided to take a trip to the forest to observe the plants and animals there. As he was wandering through the forest, he suddenly saw a little owl lying on the ground and not moving.
Max was worried and ran to the owl to see if it was hurt. He discovered that the owl had a broken wing and could not fly. Max knew he couldn't just leave the owl behind, so he decided to take it with him and help it. He built her a little nest and brought her fresh water and food every day.
The owl grew stronger and stronger and finally started to fly again. Max was so happy that he had helped and that the owl could now fly again. When the owl was strong enough, it said goodbye to Max and flew away to return to the forest.
Max was sad that the owl was now gone, but he was also proud of himself for helping it. He learned that it is always important to help others when you have the opportunity. Because you can do a lot of good and be happy by doing so.