Coco was a monkey with a lot of energy and curiosity. One day he decided to go to the other side of the river to find a fruit he had heard of but had never eaten before. He packed his bag and set off. After a while, he came to a small bridge that crossed the river.
But as Coco walked across it, suddenly, the wood began to creak and groan. Coco got a little nervous and decided to walk faster. Suddenly the bridge gave way, and Coco fell into the water. He swam as fast as he could to get back to shore, but when he finally reached the edge of the bank, he was completely soaked, and his bag was gone.
He sat down and began to cry. Suddenly he heard giggling behind him. When he turned around, he saw a group of little monkeys having a great time. "What's so funny?" asked Coco. "Well, you look like a picture of misery!" said the leader of the monkeys, laughing. Coco looked down at himself and had to laugh. He had actually made quite a fool of himself.
The little monkeys took Coco to their village, where he could dry off, and gave him something to eat. Coco thanked them and decided that he would be more careful and pay better attention in the future. Next time he would surely get his fruit.