Once upon a time there was a little bear named Benny. Benny was a very curious bear and always wanted to know everything about the world around him. One night, while looking at the moon in the sky, he had a wonderful idea. He wanted to fly to the moon!
Benny gathered everything he needed, built himself a rocket, and flew with it toward the sky. He flew and flew and flew until he finally reached the moon. The moon was huge and Benny was thrilled. He could hardly believe that he was really there.
He decided that he would stay here for a while and set about building a small house out of stones. He lived happily on the moon, exploring a little more of his new home every day.
At some point, however, Benny wanted to go back to Earth because he missed his family and friends and wanted to see them again. So Benny made his way back to Earth and finally landed safely in his forest.
He told his family and friends about his adventures on the moon and they were all thrilled. From then on, Benny knew that he could always follow his dreams and satisfy his curiosity, as long as he was brave enough to set out.