Once upon a time, a young unicorn named Glitzi lived in an enchanted forest. Glitzi was a curious and adventurous unicorn who loved roaming the woods and discovering new things. One day Glitzi decided to go deeper into the forest than ever before.
It passed a small river and saw the sunlight glittering in the water. Glitzi was so fascinated by the sight that it couldn't resist and jumped in. Unfortunately, Glitzi underestimated the current and was swept away. It drifted further and further down the river until it finally landed on a bank. Surprisingly, it saw a small group of animals, all in distress.
A small rabbit had gotten caught in a thorn bush, a fox was stuck upside down in a tree, and a small bird had gotten tangled in a net and could no longer fly. Glitzi set about freeing the rabbit from the thorn bush, getting the fox out of the tree, and helping the bird fly.
The animals were very grateful and invited Glitzi to stay with them. Glitzi was happy to help and decided to stay with its new friends. From that day on, they all lived happily together in the enchanted forest.