Once upon a time, there was a little turtle named Tini who lived in a small village by the river. Tini always got curious when she saw the river and wondered what was on the other side. One day Tini decided to cross the river to find out what was on the other side.
Tini couldn't swim well, so she set out and slowly and carefully crawled over the rocks that were scattered in the river. She was watched by a fish swimming in the clear water and admired how she found her way across the river.
Suddenly a strong wind came up, and the river became wild and turbulent. Tini was tossed back and forth by the waves and had difficulty keeping her balance. But she fought on bravely and finally managed to reach the other side of the river.
Once there, Tini found a beautiful green meadow full of flowers and grass. She was delighted and decided to stay for a while and enjoy all the beauties of nature. She made herself comfortable in the grass to take a nap.
When she woke up, she felt refreshed and ready to start her journey back. She decided that she would return someday to revisit this beautiful place. But now she just wanted to get back to her village to tell all her friends about her adventure.