Once upon a time, there was a little dragon named Flame who lived in a big, dark forest. Flame was a brave and courageous little creature, but sometimes he was afraid. One day Flame decided to leave the forest and go on a journey to experience new adventures. He packed his backpack full of provisions and set out.
As Flame wandered through the forest, he met many different animals, all of which told him to turn around and go back into the forest because it was dangerous out there. Flame became a little unsure and wondered if he should really go on. But Flame was also curious and really wanted to see more of the world. He decided to gather his courage and keep going.
And indeed, the further Flame went, the more adventures he had and the more friends he made. He met unicorns who helped him ride horses, dwarves who showed him how to look for treasure, and fairies who helped him fly.
Flame learned that courage was an important trait. He learned that it was okay to be afraid but that you could still be brave and follow your dreams. And so Flame eventually returned to the forest happy and content, knowing that he could always be brave and satisfy his thirst for adventure.